CBG How Can I Benefit from the Lord's Supper?

CBG How Can I Benefit from the Lord's Supper?

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Beeke, Joel R. & Lanning, Ray B. | Reformation Heritage


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Our Reformed and Puritan forebears were fond of viewing the Lord’s Supper as a feast given by the Lord of Hosts—the faithful, covenant-keeping God who, in Christ Jesus, is the author, founder, master, and divine host of this feast. Christ Himself, the feast’s provider, is the feast’s provision; He is the feast itself. In this booklet, Joel R. Beeke and Ray B. Lanning consider the benefits true Christians have as the Lord’s Supper, by the Spirit, reconnects us with Christ crucified, renews our covenant with God, and refreshes our inner life.

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“The Lord’s Supper belongs to the worship of the church this side of glory. The Lord Jesus Christ commanded His church to celebrate the Supper ‘until He comes.’ Joel Beeke and Ray Lanning have therefore provided for Christians this thoughtful and heart-searching booklet to help them prepare for the Supper. Just as we should come to hear God’s Word thoughtfully and reverently, so we should come to the Lord’s Supper in the same spirit. Reading this booklet will help you to do so.”

—Ian Hamilton, author of The Faith Shaped Life

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