The Pursuit of Glory: Finding Satisfaction in Christ Alone

The Pursuit of Glory: Finding Satisfaction in Christ Alone

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Johnson, Jeffery D. | Reformation Heritage


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Author Jeffrey Johnson begins The Pursuit of Glory with this observation: “You and I are looking for something. Though we may not know exactly what it is, we continue to search for it. What is it? It is glory.” Explaining this pursuit as part of our human condition, the author considers the ways we try to fill that empty place in our hearts through happiness, purpose, freedom, companionship, truth, peace, holiness, and life. He shows us, from Scripture and personal experiences, why and how we will ultimately find satisfaction when our search leads us to the glory of God. Each chapter includes questions for further thought, making this an engaging and useful book both for individuals and groups.

"Jeffrey Johnson has provided a marvelously helpful little book that focuses on the real heart issues of life. This is an excellent book to give to both unbelievers and believers. As I read, I easily saw how this book could be used in evangelism as well as in basic counseling situations. It is well written, straightforward, pastorally wise, and full of Scripture." --- Brian Borgman, author of Feelings and Faith


  1. The Pursuit of Glory
  2. The Pursuit of Happiness
  3. The Pursuit of Purpose
  4. The Pursuit of Freedom
  5. The Pursuit of Companionship
  6. The Pursuit of Truth
  7. The Pursuit of Peace
  8. The Pursuit of Holiness
  9. The Pursuit of Life

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