CBG How Should We Pray at Prayer Meetings?

CBG How Should We Pray at Prayer Meetings?

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Mcgraw, Ryan | Reformation Heritage


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Prayer meetings are a vital aspect to the life and ministry of the church. But experience shows that taking prayer requests and conducting Bible study often crowd out time for actual prayer. In this booklet, Ryan McGraw highlights common pitfalls experienced in prayer meetings and offers practical remedies. By giving careful attention to the relationship between participants and the best manner of using our time, our prayer meetings can be better suited to glorify God, advance the gospel, and edify the saints.

“Years from now, should the Lord tarry, church historians will be dismayed at our generation’s failure to pray while our society collapsed. There are few needs more urgent than for Christians and churches to turn in prayer to the Lord, especially in regularly scheduled prayer meetings. For those wondering how to conduct such a meeting—or improve the ones they now have—Ryan McGraw provides motivation and godly counsel. This short treatment is long on wisdom and encouragement!” --- Richard D. Phillips, Senior Minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina

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