9781601784872-Who Is Jesus Knowing Christ through His “I Am” Sayings -Fesko, John V.

Who Is Jesus Knowing Christ through His “I Am” Sayings 

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Fesko, John V. | Reformation Heritage


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Who is Jesus? Is He God, as the church has claimed for nearly two thousand years? Or is He just a good man? In this book, J.V. Fesko takes a close look at Jesus' "I am"? claims in the gospel of John, guiding us to a better understanding of who He is.

Jesus, Fesko says, conducted His ministry clothed in His "coat of Old Testament colors"? - made up of the promises, prophecies, themes and ideas that foretold of the Messiah. Jesus' claims of deity reveal that He is the great I AM - the name God revealed to Moses at the burning bush. Includes study questions.

"... In this book John Fesko sets out to answer the question, 'Who is Jesus?'... showing how His words and works, as well as His unique person and character, are deeply rooted in the Hebrew Bible. He shows us Jesus as the pinnacle of God's purpose in salvation and gives us every reason to trust Him with our lives and respond to Him with heartfelt adoration."?
- Mark G. Johnston, Minister, Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cardiff

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