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CBG Why Should We Sing Psalms

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Beeke, Joel R. | Reformation Heritage


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Among evangelicals, singing psalms is largely a thing of the past. In this pamphlet, Joel R. Beeke gives nine reasons why churches ought to return to the ancient practice of psalm singing.

Here you will find the biblical basis, the experiential benefits, and the sheer beauty and glory of singing psalms. Those hoping to recover biblical faith in our day will do well to take part in the Christ- exalting and soul-enriching worship found in the inspired Psalms.

"... profound and compelling observations by Joel Beeke in his plea for the recovery of singing the Psalms of the Bible in the worship of God's people... This is a clarion call that recalls the church to the lost blessings of singing God's songs to His praise and glory and our comfort and joy. Most warmly recommended."?
- Gordon J. Keddie, Reformed Presbyterian Pastor and Author

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