9781601784070-Beauty and Glory of Christ's Bride, The-Beeke, Joel R. (Editor)

Beauty and Glory of Christ's Bride, The

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Beeke, Joel R. (Editor) | Reformation Heritage


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This collection of a dozen addresses given on the Church as Christ's bride at the 2014 Annual Conference of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary unpacks three overarching themes: looking at the loveliness of Christ's bride, walking in the path with Christ's bride, and sharing in the sorrow and hope of Christ's bride.

Specific topics addressed include the beauty of the church's essence, communion, holiness, unity, diversity, membership, preaching, worship, sacraments, discipline, mission, persecution and future glory. Together these chapters form an appreciative and practical book on the doctrine of the church, stirring up believers to have greater devotion to Christ's bride.

"Not many people are prepared to place the word 'beauty' in the same sentence as the word 'church.' For too many, the experience of church is far from beautiful. But to see the church through Christ's eyes, as this book helps us to do, is to discover a spiritual glory that derives from her marriage union to the beautiful Savior."?
- Iain D. Campbell, Pastor, Point Free Church, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

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