9781601783240-KJV Reformation Heritage Study Bible, The-Beeke, Joel R.; Barrett, Michael; Bilkes, Gerald (Editors)

KJV Reformation Heritage Study Bible, The

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Beeke, Joel R.; Barrett, Michael; Bilkes, Gerald (Editors) | Reformation Heritage


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The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible is a Study Bible to feed your soul, instruct your mind and discover your roots. Its features include:
- Thoughts for personal and family devotions for every chapter
- Three dozen articles on how to live the Christian life
- Guidance on how to experience the truths of the Bible
- Thousands of study notes with integrated cross-references
- Introductions to each section and every book of the Bible
- More than fifty articles on key Christian teachings
- Concordance, colour maps and daily reading plan
- Overview of twenty centuries of church history
- Ancient creeds, confessions and catechisms with introductions

"This is a study Bible whose additional articles, notes, tables, and quotations have only one purpose: to place the text of Scripture in the highest possible prominence and to help us understand it in the clearest possible way. For serious followers of Christ, the Bible is indispensable; for serious students of the Bible this edition will soon become indispensable also."?
- Iain D. Campbell, Point Free Church, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

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