9781601783103-Songs of a Suffering King: The Grand Christ Hymn of Psalms 1–8-Fesko, John V

Songs of a Suffering King: The Grand Christ Hymn of Psalms 1–8

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Fesko, John V | Reformation Heritage


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Our Lord has wisely given the Psalms, the songbook of the Bible, for the benefit of the church. But for many people, the Psalms' contents are mysterious because they no longer have a place of prominence in the church's worship.

Author J. V. Fesko hopes to awaken the church to the majesty, beauty and splendour of the Psalms through a devotional exploration of Psalms 1-8, a "grand Christ hymn,"? in which David, as the suffering king, prefigures the king of kings, Jesus Christ. To encourage readers to come to a greater appreciation for the Psalms, the author includes with each chapter questions for further reflection and study and a metrical version of each psalm.

"... John Fesko skillfully and pastorally unpacks the original setting and theological riches of Psalms 1-8... he insightfully explains the christocentric nature of the Psalms as well as provides practical biblical instruction to all Christian pilgrims who travel the pathway from suffering to glory."?
- Jon D. Payne, organising pastor of Christ Church Presbyterian, Charleston, South Carolina

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