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Gospel Mystery of Sanctification, The

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Marshall, Walter | Reformation Heritage


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The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification presents the culmination of Puritan thought on living the Christian life. Combining doctrinal precision and pastoral sensitivity, Walter Marshall shows how sanctification is essential to spiritual life, dependent on spiritual union with Jesus Christ, and inseparable - though distinct - from justification. Marshall shows how holiness involves both the mind and the soul of the believer and that it is the aim of the Christian life.

It is no wonder that this book has been reprinted many times throughout the years and received such high praise from leading ministers of the gospel.

"[This is] the classic Puritan work on the relationship between justification and sanctification. This book has helped deliver scores of people throughout church history from the bondage of legalism and antinomianism and enabled them to embrace the precious doctrine of justification by gracious faith alone with liberty, without sacrificing the need for grateful fruits of personal holiness."
- Joel R. Beeke, president, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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