The Beauty and Glory of the Father

The Beauty and Glory of the Father

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Beeke, Joel (Editor) | Reformation Heritage


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The essays in The Beauty and Glory of the Father call us to stand in wonder of the First Person of the Trinity. Through an assortment of studies, readers are challenged to recognize the Father’s glory displayed in His Son, to adore His beautiful attributes, to know Him as a Savior, and to rest in His loving hands.

This book, along with The Beauty and Glory of Christ and The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit, reinforces the ongoing necessity of cultivating a Trinitarian piety. Contributors include Joel Beeke, Bart Elshout, Jerry Bilkes, Ryan McGraw, David Murray, Burk Parsons, Paul Smalley, Derek Thomas, and William VanDoodewaard.

"Without question, the most important subject ever to occupy the human mind is the profound study of God. Consistent with this conviction, The Beauty and Glory of the Father is a veritable treasure-house of truth concerning the vast realm of theology proper. Doctrinally rich and practically helpful, this concise volume is an impressive compilation by a team of gifted authors, each man making a significant contribution that is well worth your effort to read. I am certain that you will find this substantial work to be mind-sharpening, heart-stimulating, and soul-stirring.” --- Steven J. Lawson

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