Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism - Reformed Historical Theological Studies

Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism - Reformed Historical Theological Studies

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van Asselt, Willem | Reformation Heritage


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This work supplies a long-standing need in the field of early modern studies by providing a basic introduction to Reformed Scholasticism. Although technical studies abound and interest in the subject continues to rise, until the appearance of this work by Willem van Asselt and his colleagues, students of history have lacked a concise guide to help them navigate the difficult waters of Reformed Scholasticism. This book carefully defines the phenomena of scholasticism and orthodoxy, concisely surveys the era, notes the most significant thinkers together with the various trajectories of thought, and references the relevant secondary scholarship. In short, this Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism surveys the topic and provides a guide for further study in early modern Reformed thought.

288 pages

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: What Is Reformed Scholasticism? – Willem J. van Asselt and Pieter L. Rouwendal
  2. The State of Scholarship: From Discontinuity to Continuity – Willem J. van Asselt and Pieter L. Rouwendal
  3. ‘As the Philosopher Says’: Aristotle – T. Theo J. Pleizier and Maarten Wisse
  4. The Teacher of the Ancient Church: Augustine – Maarten Wisse
  5. The Method of the Schools: Medieval Scholasticism – Pieter L. Rouwendal
  6. ‘Open Hand and Fist’: Humanism and Scholasticisim in the Reformation – Willem J. Van Asselt
  7. Distinguishing and Teaching: Constructing a Theological Argument in Reformed Scholasticism – Willem J. van Asselt and Pieter L. Rouwendal
  8. Scholasticism in the Time of Early Orthodoxy (ca. 1560-1620) – Willem J. van Asselt
  9. Scholasticism in the Time of High Orthodoxy (ca. 1620-1700) – Willem J. van Asselt
  10. Scholasticism in the Time of Late Orthodoxy (ca. 1700-1790)
  11. ‘The Abutment against Which the Bridge of All later Protestant Theology Leans’: Scholasticism and Today – Willem J. van Asselt 


“Willem van Asselt is one of the foremost scholars in the recent studies of the nature of Reformed Orthodoxy and Scholasticism, and its relationship, theologically, philosophically, and pedagogically, with late medieval thought. The field is highly technical and somewhat daunting to students; but here Dr. van Asselt and his colleagues have distilled their vast learning into a book which will be a sure guide to the field. I cannot think of a better introduction to the study of this significant, though often neglected and misunderstood, chapter in the development of Christian thought.”

 Carl R. Trueman, Professor of Historical Theology and Church History,Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

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