9781601781178-FGS: Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children-Beeke, Joel

FGS: Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children

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Beeke, Joel | Reformation Heritage


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In this book, Joel R. Beeke writes with refreshing biblical clarity, giving parents the confidence to open the Bible and show their children Christ and His gospel on every page. It is packed with practical guidance on how to evangelise covenant children and how, by God's grace, to make the home "a nursery for heaven."?

After showing that Christians today fail to understand the role of the covenant in their children's lives, Joel R. Beeke offers insight on the covenant relationship between God and man, and its implications for home and family. He then teaches parents how to instruct their children in the gospel, with detailed guidelines on how to use prayer, family worship, teaching, conversation and mentoring to evangelise children.

"Parents who love Christ and their children will not want to miss this clear, practical, confessional, and imminently biblical work on how Christ and His gospel alone transform our covenant children. There may not be a more important resource for every Christian parent to read and re-read as they evangelize and nurture covenant children in Christ."?
- Douglas Bond

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