9781598562989-Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898-Kuyper, Abraham

Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898

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Kuyper, Abraham | Hendrickson


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Lectures on Calvinism offers a timeless exploration of the theology and thinking of the key reformer John Calvin. These six classic lectures by distinguished scholar Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) on the key figure in Reformation theology were delivered at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1898.

Kuyper introduces Calvinism as a life-system, discussing its relationship to religion, politics, science and art. According to Kuyper, Calvinism seeks to unify the cosmos under universal laws.Predestination, he says, proves that a set of laws exist to govern the world, and science is merely trying to figure them out. Kuyper defends Calvinism in the realm of art as well, providing a thorough and elegant explanation of this outlook on life.

This collection is called Lectures on Calvinism and not lectures on Christianity, because Kuyper believed that Calvinism most truthfully and most completely articulates the Biblical Christian faith.

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