9781596388703-Problem of Good, The: When the World Seems Fine without God-Clark, D. Marion (Editor)

Problem of Good, The: When the World Seems Fine without God

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Clark, D. Marion (Editor) | P&R Publishing


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The problem of evil is one we're all familiar with... but what about the problem of good? If Christianity is true, why do many people seem to live moral, fulfilling lives outside the gospel? Do such moral non-Christians really need the gospel, or will their good deeds save them? Is the traditional view of hell really justified? And if it is, how do we evangelise people who seem more upright than we are? Can we legitimately benefit from their contributions to culture and society?

Many of the answers to these questions lie in the doctrine of common grace. In this book, authors from a variety of backgrounds tackle these questions and others by exploring God's common grace and its daily implications.

"We struggle to explain why good things happen to bad people... Pastor Clark has dedicated his life to explaining biblical truth in clear, practical ways and to solving spiritual problems in the life of the church. He does all of that here, in The Problem of Good."?
- Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

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