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God's Word

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We all make sure our children know the stories from the Bible. But can they understand their meaning and know the Storyteller behind them?

Sally Michael shows us that even young children can understand the Bible's message of sin and redemption, because God wrote it to everyone, young and old. Her exploration of the Word addresses how it came to us, what it tells us about its Author, what it tells us about ourselves, and why it is the most special book ever written.

"Sally Michael has written an easy-to-read devotional book that will help parents teach their children about the properties of Scripture... A proper knowledge of the Bible gives us hope, helps us to identify false teaching, increases our gratitude and trust in God, and results in his Word becoming more precious to us. Don't you want that for you and your family? What are you waiting for?"?
- Aimee Byrd, Author of Housewife Theologian

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