9781596384125-Fine China Is For Single Women Too (paperback)-Brownback, Lydia

Fine China Is For Single Women Too (paperback)

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Brownback, Lydia | P&R Publishing


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In this book, Lydia Brownback shows the importance of living contentedly and fully in what God ordains in each season of life, specifically when his ordering is singleness.

"This wonderful little book proves that fine theology obviously is for single women. Every woman who partakes of the truths served here will discover a feast of encouragement that will nourish her soul and enable her to live a life of joy and zealous service."
- Elyse Fitzpatrick, Author of Idols of the Heart

"An encouragement to single women. Fresh and biblically sound, Lydia Brownback's humor and charming illustrations make the book not only helpful but a joy to read."
- Rosemary Jensen, Former Executive Director, Bible Study Fellowship International

"Though specifically written for single women, this important book will engage the entire Christian community. Lydia Brownback directs us to Scripture to clarify how we can find contentment regardless of our situation. A superb book."
- Vesta Sproul, Ligonier Ministries

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