9781596383807-Picking Up the Pieces: Recovering from Broken Relationships-Priolo, Lou

Picking Up the Pieces: Recovering from Broken Relationships

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Priolo, Lou | P&R Publishing


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When a romantic relationship is torn apart, it can wreak havoc in the lives and emotions of everyone involved. The pain is all the worse if you were not the one who wanted the relationship to end. You may wonder, "Will the ache in my heart ever go away?" The answer, Lou Priolo says, is yes. You can find relief even when you feel forsaken, because true healing comes from the One who will never forsake you.

If you are hurting after a broken relationship, here is much-needed counsel and biblical guidance to lead you away from heartache and into a healthier, happier and holier relationship with Christ.

"A masterful job of applying God's Word to the anger and agony that flow from broken relationships."
- Ken Sande, president, Peacemaker Ministries

"If someone you love has abandoned you, [here] you can find helpful biblical suggestions for dealing with the anger, hurt, bitterness, and sense of loss."
- Ed Bulkley, president, International Association of Biblical Counselors

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