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BRF What is the Atonement

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Phillips, Richard D. | P&R Publishing


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The atonement, and its significance to Christ's death on the cross, is a doctrine sadly fading from focus in our modern evangelical churches. Yet Richard Phillips asserts that it is a necessary truth for Christian salvation.

As soon as we start to ask questions like 'How is Jesus the Christ?', 'Why do we need a Saviour?' and 'What did he do to save us?', the answers take us directly to Christ's atoning work. In this booklet, five concise sections establish the importance of Jesus' atonement for faith, ministry and life.

Sound and succinct, these Basics of the Reformed Faith booklets are great tools to help ground believers in Biblical faith.

"Volumes of sound exposition are distilled in this wonderful booklet. Informed by centuries of Christian wisdom, What Is the Atonement? has been written by a pastor who knows what it means to preach 'Christ and him crucified' for the salvation and health of sinners. Scarcely will a reader be so richly rewarded in so few pages."
- Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary, California

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