9781596380769-Stand Fast in the Way of Truth: Fathers and Sons, Volume 1-Bond, Douglas

Stand Fast in the Way of Truth: Fathers and Sons, Volume 1

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Bond, Douglas | P&R Publishing


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This book is the first in the two-volume Fathers and Sons set. The two volumes together have 48 readings, allowing a year of close fellowship between father and son, with the goal of leading sons toward Christian manhood.

Taking serious issues seriously, yet promoting a joyful life of enjoying the pleasures of God, this book shows how, when a young man makes decisions about the direction his life will take, the stakes are high. It helps strengthen the faith and love of fathers and sons, and promote Christian leadership and maturity in young men.

"Full of lively illustrations, wise warnings, and hard-hitting application for everyday life, Bond's latest book addresses all of the strong temptations and difficult trials that young men face today. Ideal for personal study or father-son discussion, Fathers and Sons is an invitation to pursue manly godliness in the adventure of life."?
- Philip Graham Ryken, Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church

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