9781596380455-BRF What Are Election and Predestination-Phillips, Richard D.

BRF What Are Election and Predestination

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Phillips, Richard D. | P&R Publishing


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Election and predestination are the two most maligned points of Reformed theology, with much ink spilled and many sermons preached on these doctrines that many think make humans 'robots' and thereby discourage evangelism. What is the Reformed response to these criticisms? Or, more importantly, what does the Bible teach?

With a pastor's heart evident on every page, Richard Phillips unfolds the biblical teaching on these important doctrines and reveals their practical application for the security, humility and joy of believers.

"The Basics of the Reformed Faith series of booklets provides us with brief, clear, accurate and edifying introductions to key aspects of Christian life and experience. They are biblically sound, well researched, and written by faithful pastor-teachers."
- Ligon Duncan, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi

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