9781590526101-Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is) - A Study Guide for Men: Sexuality Purity in a Lust-Saturated World-Harris, Joshua

Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is) - A Study Guide for Men: Sexuality Purity in a Lust-Saturated World

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Harris, Joshua | Multnomah


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Based on his bestselling message in Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is), Joshua Harris offers a companion study guide specifically designed to address the issues men face. Versatile in nature, this study guide can be used in one-on-one accountability or in a church group setting.

"I was preparing a message on lust when I realized that the book I wanted to consult hadn't been written. That book would make it clear that only Jesus Christ can free us from the hopeless treadmill of shame and guilt that so many well-intentioned people end up on. It would instil a love for holiness and a hatred for sin without dragging the reader's imagination through the gutter. And it would be for both men and women, because I've learned that lust isn't just a guy problem - it's a human problem."?
- Joshua Harris

Each of the ten small-group sessions includes:
- Easy Review: A quick chapter summary.
- Discussion Questions: Questions that serve as icebreakers, and then lead to deeper discussion and personal application.
- Accountability Follow-Up: Questions to help check each other's progress in a truthful and caring setting.
- Meditate and Memorize: Key Scriptures that will help men gain victory over lust.
- Custom-Tailored Action Plan: Men will be led in a step-by-step formulation of an Action Plan, uniquely tailored to combat their specific battles.

Joshua Harris has done it again. Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is) contains the undiluted biblical truth on a vital topic, served up with honesty and humility."?
- C. J. Mahaney, Author of The Cross Centered Life

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