9781581348521-Growing in Christ-Packer, J.I.

Growing in Christ

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Packer, J.I. | Crossway


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Growing in Christ explains just that - how to grow in Christ. As this book shows, we mature spiritually by carefully learning and thoughtfully living the essentials of the Christian faith that are too often taken for granted or overlooked in our daily lives.These essentials - so beautifully summarized in the Apostles Creed, the Lords Prayer, and the Ten Commandments - provide the heart of the book, which Dr. Packer explores and applies to daily life in a clear and refreshing way. Study questions and Bible passages follow each chapter for further individual or group study.Speaking to Christians of all backgrounds and denominations, the newly converted as well as the lifelong believer, Dr. Packer reminds us that Christianity is not instinctive. Ours is a faith that must be learned, and we must never stop striving to mature.

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