Revolutionary God: How Knowing Him Changes Everything

Revolutionary God: How Knowing Him Changes Everything

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Morris, Joel | Christian Focus


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History is full of revolutions, led by people willing to stand up against oppression and lead a movement. People who embody the heart values of the movement. Jesus wasn’t a political or military leader, but he did come to bring the greatest revolution this world has seen. For his fellow revolutionaries, Jesus has paid the greatest price. He brings the most incendiary and divisive message you will ever hear or speak about. Will we follow his lead?

80 pages

This is a book is a call to spiritual revolution. Each chapter points us to Jesus, the ultimate revolutionary, and shares the testimony of a faithful Christian who lived and ‘all in’ for Jesus. A short, snappy book that challenges us to go all in for the gospel and reminds us of the power of living a Jesus–centred life. 

Mez McConnell, Pastor, Niddrie Community Church and Ministry Director of 20Schemes

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