I AM: A Biblical and Devotional Study of the Attributes of God

I AM: A Biblical and Devotional Study of the Attributes of God

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Russell, Brian A. | Christian Focus


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To have a clearer vision of God should be the Christian’s supreme calling, because when we know Him we reflect Him. To love and serve the Creator in righteousness, men and women need something more than an awareness of His existence through general revelation. We also need to know who and what He is, where He can be found, and how He may be approached; He reveals this in His Word. Brian A. Russell here guides us through what the Bible says about the attributes of God.

256 pages

Brian A. Russell has given us a perceptive and thoroughly biblical exploration of the attributes of God. As they make their way through this profound yet understandable study, the reader will surely grow in their knowledge of God’s infinite greatness and increase their love for Him.

Rebecca Stark, Blogger at ‘Rebecca Writes’, ‘Revive Our Hearts’, and ‘Out of the Ordinary’

There is no subject more worthy of our attention or more stretching to our finite minds than the infinite, eternal and unchangeable being and character of God. For anyone who wants to know God better, this is a book that will deepen their understanding and move their hearts to love and worship.

Warren Peel, Minister of Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church & Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, Reformed Theological College, Belfast

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