The History of Christmas: 2,000 Years of Faith, Fable and Festivity

The History of Christmas: 2,000 Years of Faith, Fable and Festivity

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Lefebvre, Heather Win | CF4Kids

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The History of Christmas will take you on a journey from Christ’s birth in Bethlehem, through Roman times and the Middle Ages, into the Reformation and then the Victorian era. You will finally touch down in our modern–day Christmas with all the things that make us think of this wonderful season – decorations, presents, delicious food. But as you take this amazing journey, you will discover the surprising twists and turns that Christmas has taken over the years. 

Come alongside the men and women from the past as they try to figure out how Christmas should, or should not, be celebrated. Let the story of Jesus remind you of the real reason we celebrate at this time of year – that the Son of God was born as a baby and then lived and died to save sinners.

Marvel at the the beauty of history and the way that God works in our everyday lives year after year. As you think about Christmas may you be drawn closer to Christ and inspired to show His love to those around you.

Extra Features: Scripture Readings; Discussion Questions; Recipes and Activities.

128 pages

Attractive, interesting and informative, this book is sure to liven your conversations this Christmas season. The timeline, activities, and discussion questions make it an excellent tool for homeschooling families. The text is Christ–focused and includes Luke’s narrative of Jesus’s birth and several short lists of suggested Bible readings. While the book is written for families who celebrate Christmas, it helps children to understand and respect the views of Christians who decide not to.

--- Simonetta Carr

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