Psalms for My Day: A Child's Praise Devotional

Psalms for My Day: A Child's Praise Devotional

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MacKenzie, Carine & Motyer, Alec | CF4Kids


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The Psalms tell us how wonderful God is and help us to praise and worship Him. The Psalms help us to pray to God – telling him about our troubles and worries. The Psalms give us comfort and guidance. Some Psalms point to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came into this world to suffer and die for the sins of his people. Some Psalms tell about our sin and how The Lord has dealt with it. Other Psalms express our joy and thanksgiving.

Using Alec Motyer’s translation, this day–by–day devotional encourages children to explore the Psalms for themselves. The 31 short devotionals include a short prayer, and beautiful colour illustrations.

96 pages

Carine Mackenzie has used her marvelous creativity again: this book combines the clear thoughts of a well–known evangelical Bible scholar with the beautiful illustrations of a gifted artist. The result is a lovely and enlightening book for children on some of the most precious Psalms of the Bible.

Joel & Mary Beeke, Grand Rapids, Michigan

In a world wired for sound, it’s vital to introduce our children to the best song book there is! Here is an attractive and accessible guide to a wide selection of Psalms that will strengthen their faith, nurture their spiritual lives, build a Christian worldview and point them to Christ. A lovely and lasting addition to any child’s library!

Jonathan Lamb, Minister–at–large for Keswick Ministries, IFES Vice President, and former Director, Langham Preaching

Discover with your child new, deep ways to delight in the God of the Psalms.

Jani Ortlund , Author, speaker, wife of Ray Ortlund & Executive Vice President, Renewal Ministries, Franklin, Tennessee

Where was Carine MacKenzie when I was growing up? (Answer: she was growing up also). But as I child I would have reveled in such a beautifully–produced, worshipfully–written book. We have many books on Bible stories but here is one that will lead your child into the playground of the Psalms. If you spend one–on–one time with your child/children, here is a superb worship manual to read together.

Dale Ralph Davis, Respected Author and Old Testament Scholar

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