Rewriting Gender? You, Your Family, Transgenderism and the Gospel

Rewriting Gender? You, Your Family, Transgenderism and the Gospel

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Martin, David | Christian Focus


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The world today claims that your identity is entirely defined by you. As parents raising children in this world, how do we teach children the gospel and explain how it impacts gender identity?

This book of letters written to the author’s children follows the overarching story line of the Bible, making it clear that transgenderism is a symptom of a far deeper problem that only Jesus can heal. Written with biblical clarity, sensitivity, and an awareness that people affected by these issues are people who need Jesus, just like everyone else, this book will help parents who are looking for guidance on how to explain gender issues to their children.

Here in London one of the schools we were thinking of sending our sons to has just approved a transgender uniform policy.  My wife and I find ourselves ever more desperate to try and equip our children to navigate such a world and we’re so grateful to David Martin for this clearly Biblical and deeply practical response to a cultural wave all my family find profoundly confusing.

--- Rico Tice

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