The Believer’s Joy | McCheyne, Robert Murray | 9781527101487

The Believer's Joy

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McCheyne, Robert Murray | Christian Focus


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Robert Murray McCheyne’s fervent love of the gospel shone clearly through everything he wrote and said, often leading him to tears while he preached. This short book brings together seven such sermons, in which McCheyne expounds the glories of life in Christ. Shorter and more easily digestible than some of his written works, but lacking none of the biblical depth, these sermons make for powerful devotional material.

"Robert Murray M'Cheyne is one of my heroes... In this short but powerful book, he reminds us that our joy can only be found in Christ. Much like his other works and those of his contemporaries in 19th century Scotland, this book will pierce your heart and convict your soul that nothing short of pursuing the King of kings in all things will fill you with gladness." --- Dave Furman, Author of 'Being There' and 'Kiss the Wave'

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