9781527101180-Spurgeon's Prayers: Including Advice on How to Improve Prayer Meetings-Spurgeon, Charles Haddon

Spurgeon's Prayers: Including Advice on How to Improve Prayer Meetings

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Spurgeon, Charles Haddon | Christian Focus


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Listening to someone else pray gives you an insight into their mind - their hopes, concerns and understanding of their relationship with God. Spurgeon thought that prayer was a measure of the vitality of the church - he once ushered some visitors into the prayer meeting at his church with the words 'would you like to see the church's power plant?'

These are Spurgeon's prayers taken down as he prayed them. You can learn a lot about how to pray by studying their structure and content. Each short prayer shows you the knowledge of the Bible he had and his understanding of human needs.

"... twenty-six of Spurgeon's prayers first uttered in Lord's Day worship services. These reflect the greatness of his pastoral heart, the breadth of his vision and the devotional application of his theology..."?
- Banner of Truth

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