9781527101067-Under the Thorn Tree: When Revival Comes-Bewes, Richard

Under the Thorn Tree: When Revival Comes

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Bewes, Richard | Christian Focus


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Richard Bewes first experienced revival as a child, to the sound of thousands of African voices singing. In this book, he retells this and many other stories from his lifetime of working and living to further the Kingdom of Christ. Revival comes with the sole pursuit of Jesus – He encompasses everything.

“Richard takes us to the heart of true revival... stirs us to prayer... warns us against false manifestations... encourages us with wonderful, untold stories of the Lord's work around the world.”
- Alasdair Paine, Vicar of St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge

“Richard has ransacked the Bible and the nations to provide us with a bird's-eye (and at times, ring-side) view of those remarkable periods when we glimpse the powers of the coming age as the Lord Almighty works in concentrated spiritual revival.”
- Craig Dyer, Associate Pastor, Harper Church, Glasgow; Training Director, Christianity Explored

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