9781527101005-ECF Patrick of Ireland: His Life & Impact-Haykin, Michael

ECF Patrick of Ireland: His Life & Impact

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Haykin, Michael | Christian Focus


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Patrick ministered to kings and slaves alike in the culture that had enslaved him. Patrick's faith and his commitment to the Word of God through hard times is a true example of the way that God calls us to grow and to bless those around us through our suffering. Michael Haykin's masterful biography of Patrick's life and faith will show you how you can follow God's call in your life.

“To read this account is to fill us with thankfulness for the Lord's work in history and with hopefulness for... another era of lost-ness.”
- Edward Donnelly, Principal, Reformed Theological College, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"A fine balance between a biography of an extraordinary servant of Jesus Christ and an explanation of the beliefs that sustained Patrick.”
- Michael Ovey (1958-2017), Principal, Oak Hill Theological College, London

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