9781527100442-CPG Good Works and Rewards: A Christian's Pocket Guide-Jones, Mark

Christian's Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards

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Jones, Mark | Christian Focus


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When you consider who we are by nature and who the most holy God is in His nature, it appears at first that talk of 'rewards' from God is a little presumptuous on our part. We have already been ransomed by Christ - isn't it ungrateful to expect more?

In this book, Mark Jones works through the biblical basis and references to good works and rewards - showing that the grace of God our Heavenly Father is stamped all over this doctrine.

"I know myself and other Christians around me; we need all the motivation Scripture has to offer, and I'm grateful that Dr. Jones is on the case to help us reconsider God's promises to reward our good works done in Christ and the Spirit. This is a wise and careful work."?
- Jason B. Hood, Director of Advanced Urban Ministerial Education, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

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