9781527100046-Teaching Psalms Volume 1: From Text to Message-Ash, Christopher

Teaching Psalms Volume 1: From Text to Message

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Ash, Christopher | Christian Focus


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The Psalms can be sung, spoken or read - but they were written to be prayed. Until we pray them from the heart we miss their purpose. If you love the Psalms - or want to love them more - this first instalment of a two-volume set on the Psalter is for you.

Christopher Ash gives us a practical and theological handbook to equip us to pray and to teach the Psalms. He explores the difficulties and shows how praying them in Christ does justice to their original meaning and context, as well as their place in the whole bible.

"The Teaching series is a great resource for Bible study leaders and pastors, indeed for any Christian who wants to understand their Bible better."?
- Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church

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