9781498237567-Through the Christian Year with Charles Wesley: 101 Psalms and Hymns-Adamthwaite, Murray

Through the Christian Year with Charles Wesley: 101 Psalms and Hymns

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In a time when Charles Wesley's hymns, and even his name, are slowly fading from the purview of many Christians, this book is intended to recover the precious heritage of our past, and to bring to the reader's attention a sample of the massive body of Christian verse which that genius composed throughout his life. The main body of the book is a selection of well known, lesser known, and unknown hymns and Psalm paraphrases, intended for devotional use and for teaching the basic Christian doctrines. These selections are arranged around the Christian year, as is appropriate, since Wesley was and remained a devout Anglican. Associated essays give a biographical outline of Wesley's life and ministry, analyze his verse, explore the sources of his music, and discuss various theological and devotional issues which arise from his hymns. With this volume goes the prayer that it will be used of God to recover Scriptural worship "in reverence and holy fear," appreciate his poetry, foster humble piety, promote doctrinal awareness, and to love and serve the same God of all grace and Christ of redemption whom it was Wesley's delight to serve.

"Modern Christians are often unaware of what they are missing in both corporate worship and personal devotions by neglecting Charles Wesley's hymns. Murray Adamthwaite has set out to help remedy that situation, and his own interest in these hymns shines through in this book. His survey of Wesley's life is excellent and he has made a good choice from his rendering of psalms and his hymns."
- Allan Harman

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