9781434709097-Uncensored: Daring to Embrace the Entire Bible-Cosby, Brian

Uncensored: Daring to Embrace the Entire Bible

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Cosby, Brian | David C Cook


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Are you embarrassed by the Bible? The Bible is full of stories that make us uncomfortable: Israelites stoned adulterers, slaves were told to obey masters, Jesus declared that sinners go to hell, and God commanded His people to kill others, both young and the old alike. In response, many of us opt for a feel-good faith by embracing only the socially acceptable verses and passages.

In Uncensored, Brian Cosby disrupts this deadly trajectory by explaining why all Scripture is God-breathed, holy and essential to us as believers. He invites you to quit hiding behind the fig leaf of half-truth and embrace a healthy, passionate faith.

"Uncensored is a clear call to embrace the whole of Scripture so that it will capture your heart and mind, radically driving you forward in your Christian journey."?
- Steven J. Lawson

"A sensible, accessible, and informed guide to help us have greater confidence in God's Word. This book will give you a new appreciation for how all the pieces of the Bible fit together into a coherent story."
- Michael Horton

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