9781433648472-This is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel-Wax, Trevin

This is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel

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Wax, Trevin | Broadman & Holman


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Uncertain. Confused. Overwhelmed. Many Christians feel bombarded by the messages they hear and the trends they see in our rapidly changing world. How can we resist being conformed to the pattern of this world? How can we be true to the gospel in a world where myths and false visions of the world so often prevail?

In this book, Trevin Wax provides snapshots of twenty-first-century American life, in order to help Christians understand the times. As faithful witnesses to Christ, Trevin writes, we must identify the longing behind society's most cherished myths (what is good, true, beautiful), expose the lie at the heart of these myths (what is false and damaging), and show how the gospel tells a better story - one that exposes the lie but satisfies the deeper longing.

"Trevin Wax is a thoughtful, biblically energised leader. This book shows a path for faithful presence in the culture, with neither naïveté nor panic. Read prayerfully and prepare to do spiritual warfare with wisdom, fidelity, and love."?
- Russell Moore, President, Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

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