Parenting with Loving Correction: Practical Help for Raising Young Children

Parenting with Loving Correction: Practical Help for Raising Young Children

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Crabtree, Sam | Crossway


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Due Feb 2019

All parents face the challenge of helping disobedient children learn to obey—but often underlying that challenge is the struggle to practice consistent, loving correction. When parents don’t follow through, their trustworthiness and credibility are compromised, and children behave based on the patterns they have learned.

This guide offers clear steps and practical tips for offering wise correction aimed at transforming a child’s heart, based on 3 principles: keep correction centered on God, always mean what you say, and reward obedience rather than disobedience. It is the responsibility of the parents to practice timely, consistent, and God-centered correction with their children, rooted in the grace of a God who always follows through and always means what he says.

128 pages

Table of Contents:

Introduction: A Parent’s Longing

Part One: What’s at Stake?
1. Why the Struggle?
2. When We Fail to Correct Our Children
3. When We Faithfully Correct Our Children

Part Two: Essentials of Corrective Discipline
4. Clarifying Our Aim
5. Keep It God-Centered
6. Speak Truth
7. Reward Obedience, Not Disobedience

Part Three: Getting Practical
8. Before You Correct
9. In the Moment
10. After You Correct
11. Questions from Parents
12. My Prayer for You

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