Scripture and the People of God: Essays in Honor of Wayne Grudem

Scripture and the People of God: Essays in Honor of Wayne Grudem

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DelHousaye, John; Purswell, Jeff T.; Hughes, John J. | Crossway


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Edited by John DelHousaye, Jeff T. Purswell, John J. Hughes, Contributions by Gregg R. Allison, John M. Frame, Vern S. Poythress, Sam Storms, Bruce A. Ware, Leland Ryken, Thomas R. Schreiner, Peter J. Williams, R. Kent Hughes, C.J. Mahaney, Ray Ortlund, John Piper, Owen Strachan, Erik Thoennes, Elliot Grudem, Darryl DelHousaye

Scripture is the foundation for all of Christian life and ministry, but in our current age it is being challenged, doubted, and, in many cases, simply ignored.

Wayne Grudem, one of evangelicalism’s best-known theologians and authors, has worked tirelessly throughout his life to demonstrate the necessity, sufficiency, and centrality of Scripture.

In his honor, Grudem’s friends and colleagues, including John Piper, Thomas R. Schreiner, Sam Storms, Vern S. Poythress, John M. Frame, Gregg R. Allison, Erik Thoennes, and John DelHousaye, have compiled a series of essays on various topics central to Grudem’s life and teaching. Exploring topics such as the nature of Scripture, the relationship between Scripture and doctrine, and the role of Scripture in life and ministry, this volume stands as a testimony to the enduring worth of God’s Word.

384 pages.

Table of Contents:

Tribute to Wayne Grudem by Lane T. Dennis
Foreword by John M. Frame

Part 1: Systematic Theology 

  1. The Word of God and the People of God: The Mutual Relationship between Scripture and the Church
    Gregg R. Allison 
  2. Is Scripture’s Self-Attestation Sufficient?John M. Frame 
  3. Multiple Patterns Reflecting the Trinity and Coinherence in Verbal Communication
    Vern S. Poythress 
  4. Revelatory Gifts of the Spirit and the Sufficiency of Scripture: Are They Compatible?
    Sam Storms 
  5. Developing Doctrine from Scripture: A Case Study in the Doctrine of the Trinity
    Bruce A. Ware

Part 2: Biblical Studies 

  1. Across the Kidron: Reading the Psalms with David and Jesus
    John DelHousaye 
  2. The Transforming Power of Christ’s Love: Ephesians 1:16–19; 3:14–21
    John J. Hughes 
  3. The Spirit and the Church: Priorities from 1 Corinthians 12–14
    Jeff T. Purswell 
  4. Translating God’s Words: Why Literary Criteria Matter
    Leland Ryken 
  5. Much Ado about Headship: Rethinking 1 Corinthians 11:3
    Thomas R. Schreiner 
  6. The Value of Literal Bible Translation
    Peter J. Williams 

Part 3: Pastoral Ministry 

  1. Thoughts on Leadership: The Servant Leader’s True Distinctives
    Darryl DelHousaye 
  2. “Not in Vain”
    Elliot Grudem 
  3. The Doctrine of Scripture and the Shape of the Sermon
    Kent Hughes 
  4. Patiently Sowing God’s Word in Pastoral Ministry
    C. J. Mahaney 
  5. The Spirit, the Word, and Revival
    Ray Ortlund 
  6. The Glory of God as the Ground of the Mind’s Certainty and the Goal of the Soul’s Satisfaction
    John Piper 
  7. Transgender Identity in Theological and Moral Perspective
    Owen Strachan
  8. Scripture, the Image of God, and the Sinner: Reflections on Discipleship and Care of Souls
    K. Erik Thoennes 

Appendix: Scripture Versions Cited
Writings of Wayne Grudem
General Index
Scripture Index

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