15 Things Seminary Couldn't Teach Me

15 Things Seminary Couldn't Teach Me

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Robinson Sr, Jeff; Hansen, Collin (Editors) | Crossway


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Some lessons can’t be learned in a classroom.

A seminary education is immensely valuable, offering theological preparation, spiritual formation, and wise mentoring. But many new pastors are discouraged when the realities of their first call don’t line up with what they came to expect from assigned readings and classroom discussions.

Bridging the gap between seminary training and real life in a local church, fifteen veteran pastors and ministry leaders offer advice and encouragement related to a host of real-world issues, such as leading congregations through seasons of suffering, handling conflict, accepting a call, leaving a church, and more.

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Table of Contents:

Foreword by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

  1. Knowledge and Credentials Aren’t Enough 
    Jeff Robinson Sr. 
  2. What to Do When My Church Is Dying 
    Mark Vroegop 
  3. How to Shepherd My Wife 
    Daniel L. Akin
  4. How to Pastor People Who Are Different from Me 
    Jeff Higbie 
  5. How to Follow My Lead Pastor When We Disagree 
    Matt Capps 
  6. How to Lead My Leaders 
    Juan Sanchez 
  7. How to Raise My Kids to Love the Church Matt McCullough 
  8. How to Shepherd My Congregation through Seasons of Suffering 
    John Onwuchekwa 
  9. When to Accept a Call or Leave My Church Harry L. Reeder
  10. How to Handle Conflict 
    Jay Thomas 
  11. The Need to Fight for My Relationship with God 
    Vermon Pierre 
  12. The Time It Takes to Become a Shepherd
    Dale Van Dyke 
  13. The Temptation to Make a Name for Myself Scott Sauls 
  14. The Joy I Can Know over a Long Tenure
    Phil A. Newton 
  15. What to Do When No Church Hires Me
    Collin Hansen 

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