9781433552557-Leadership Mosaic: 5 Leadership Principles for Ministry and Everyday Life-Montgomery, Daniel; Kennedy, Jared

Leadership Mosaic: 5 Leadership Principles for Ministry and Everyday Life

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Montgomery, Daniel; Kennedy, Jared | Crossway


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There's a leadership crisis in the church. Every leadership model claims to have all the answers to the challenges of leadership. Each perspective emphasises certain qualities, and we search desperately for answers in the absence of clear direction. But there's no simple leadership formula that meets every need we have in life and ministry.

Challenging the conventional wisdom about what makes for a good leader, Daniel Montgomery calls us to a countercultural perspective on leadership rooted in our Creator. He does not just beckon us to further pragmatism, relentless productivity or a reactionary cultural fad. He helps us see leadership as a mosaic of five characteristics - conviction, creativity, courage, collaboration and contemplation.

"Leader, this book is a deep, transforming well. Draw from it and drink the water of divine wisdom... Daniel Montgomery and Jared Kennedy don't offer you their collected leadership wisdom - they offer you your Lord. He is the water that not only quenches a leader's thirst but also quiets his heart and transforms the way he leads."?
- Paul David Tripp, President, Paul Tripp Ministries

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