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True Feelings

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Mahaney, Carolyn; Whitacre, Nicole Mahaney | Crossway


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Emotions can be confusing. One moment we're happy, content and hopeful, and the next we're anxious, hurt and overwhelmed. But we don't have to live at the mercy of our emotions.

In this book, a mother-daughter team clears away common misconceptions and mixed messages about our feelings to offer us a biblical perspective on emotions. In doing so, they help us understand how emotions work, why we feel what we feel, and how to develop good emotional habits. We will see that we don't have to ignore, excuse or follow our feelings, but can instead learn to honour God with them - as an integral part of who He made us to be.

"What do we do with our feelings? Jesus demands that every facet of our life be brought into submission to His lordship, even our emotions... True Feelings is a needed resource that is biblically sound and theologically faithful. Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre are sure guides for thinking biblically about our emotions..."?
- R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Mary K. Mohler

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