9781433549779-Alive in Him: How Being Embraced by the Love of Christ Changes Everything-Furman, Gloria

Alive in Him: How Being Embraced by the Love of Christ Changes Everything

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Furman, Gloria | Crossway


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God's grand plan for the redemption of His creation has been in motion since before time began. The book of Ephesians lays out this glorious vision, revealing what Christ's redemptive work means for the people of God, and how they should live in light of that.

This book draws us into the main themes in the book of Ephesians, showing us how the blessings we have received in Christ empower our obedience and love for God. Designed to be read alongside an open Bible, it helps us apply Paul's letter to our daily lives, directing our gaze to the love of Jesus Christ - a love that has the power to transform how we live.

"Some expositions are careful, line-by-line, evenhanded explanations of the biblical text. This exposition is exuberant, irrepressible, and intoxicating. Its strength is that its author, Gloria Furman, has tasted for herself the bliss of being loved by God, and she wants her readers to drink deeply from the same fountain."?
- D.A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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