9781433549496-TGC Seasons of Waiting: Walking by Faith When Dreams Are Delayed-Howard, Betsy

TGC Seasons of Waiting: Walking by Faith When Dreams Are Delayed

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Howard, Betsy | Crossway


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We're all waiting for something. It might be a spouse or a baby. It might be healing or a home. Regardless of what we're waiting for, it's easy to feel discontent when things aren't going as planned and our dreams are delayed - especially when questions of 'why?' and 'how long?' remain unanswered.

God uses seasons of waiting to teach us patience and to make us more like His Son. But sanctification is not the only purpose God has in mind. When we wait faithfully with unmet longings, we become a powerful picture of the bride of Christ waiting for the day when He returns and God's kingdom reigns.

"The thesis of this book is simple but profound: God does not leave us alone in the many 'waiting rooms' of life, but uses seasons of pain, absence, and longing to draw us unto himself. Deeply personal and biblically wise, this is a book every Christian should read."
- Timothy George, Founding Dean, Beeson Divinity School; General Editor, Reformation Commentary on Scripture

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