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Christ Or Chaos

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Dewitt, Dan | Crossway


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Is Christianity irrational? Atheists often say that it is. But does such a charge really stand up to close scrutiny? This book follows the story of Thomas, a junior in college, as he wrestles with the claims of those who think the Christian faith is nothing more than a collection of ancient myths with little connecting to reality.

"This book shows the way forward in the struggle between Christ and our reigning secularist cultural mood. Buy three copies of this book. Get one copy for an unbelieving friend, to think through the claims of Christ. Get one for a young Christian, unsure of his or her faith. And then read one copy yourself, to equip you to engage your neighbors with the credible good news of Jesus Christ."?
- Russell Moore, President, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission; Author, Onward

"A wonderfully accessible book... Dan takes sophisticated reasoning on some of the most difficult questions and really puts it on the bottom shelf."?
- J. D. Greear, Lead Pastor, The Summit Church, Durham, North Carolina; Author, Gaining By Losing

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