9781433546136-PTW 2 Samuel: Your Kingdom Come-Woodhouse, John (Series Editor Hughes, R. Kent)

PTW 2 Samuel: Your Kingdom Come

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Woodhouse, John (Series Editor Hughes, R. Kent) | Crossway


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King David stands as one of the most important figures of world history. From children's storybooks to Michelangelo's famous statue, ancient Israel's most famous king is still remembered and recognised by people around the world three thousand years after he lived.

In this commentary on the book of 2 Samuel, professor and former pastor John Woodhouse helps readers deepen their understanding of David's tumultuous reign by highlighting his place in salvation history - a history that began with Israel but now encompasses God's plan for the whole world. What's more, he shows that the concept of the kingdom of God is crucial to the whole storyline of the Bible, and for our lives today.

Designed as a trustworthy resource for pastors who preach and teach on a regular basis, this commentary makes the case that David's story is relevant because it lays the crucial foundation for the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, 'the Son of David.'

Part of the Preaching the Word series.

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