9781433543289-Reformation Theology: A Systematic Summary-Barrett, Matthew (Editor)

Reformation Theology: A Systematic Summary

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Barrett, Matthew (Editor) | Crossway


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Five hundred years ago, the Reformers were defending doctrines such as justification by faith alone, the authority of Scripture, and God's grace in salvation - some to the point of death. Many of these same essential doctrines are still being challenged today, and there has never been a more crucial time to hold fast to the enduring truth of Scripture.

In this book, Matthew Barrett has brought together a team of expert theologians and historians writing on key doctrines taught and defended by the Reformers centuries ago. With contributions from Michael Horton, Gerald Bray, Michael Reeves, Carl Trueman, Robert Kolb, and many others, it exhorts Christians to hold fast to sound doctrine rooted in the Bible, which has been passed on from generation to generation.

"Dr. Barrett has gathered a full stable of blue-ribbon theologians for this winning volume. All the essays are carefully contextualized, the Reformers judiciously selected, and the bibliographies thoughtfully assembled... There is little doubt that Reformation Theology will ably serve the church and academy..."?
- Chad Van Dixhoorn, Chancellor's Professor of Historical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

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