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Christian Guides Classics: Augustine's Confessions

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Ryken, Leland | Crossway


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This volume guides readers through Augustine's classic spiritual autobiography, the Confessions, exploring the book's historical context, key themes and overarching message.

We've all heard about the classics and assume they're great. Some of us have even read them on our own. But for those of us who remain a bit intimidated or simply want to get more out of our reading, these short guidebooks take you through some of the greatest literature in history while answering your questions along the way.

"Ryken is a warm and welcoming guide to the classics of Western literature. The books in this series distill complex works into engaging and relevant commentaries, and help twenty-first-century readers understand what the classics are, how to read them, and why they continue to matter."?
- Andrew Logemann, Chair, Department of English, Gordon College

"Reading these books along with the masterpieces they accompany is a literary education in itself, and there can be few better tutors and reading companions than Leland Ryken, a master Christian scholar and teacher."?
- Gene Edward Veith Jr., Provost and Professor of Literature, Patrick Henry College

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