9781433536724-Wonder-Working God, The: Seeing the Glory of Jesus in His Miracles-Wilson, Jared C.

Wonder-Working God, The: Seeing the Glory of Jesus in His Miracles

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Wilson, Jared C. | Crossway


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Walking on water. Multiplying the fish and the loaves. Raising Lazarus from the dead. The miracles of Jesus may be well known, but they're often misunderstood. In The Wonder-Working God, pastor Jared Wilson wants to help us see that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the miraculous events recorded in the Gospels.

From the humble wonder of the incarnation to the blinding glory of the transfiguration, this book shows how Jesus's miracles reveal his divinity, authority and ultimate mission: restoring us and this world to a right relationship with God.

"Wilson gets to the biblical heart of why Jesus performed miracles - these harbingers of God's mission to set right all that has gone so terribly wrong. Along the way, Wilson helps us hear what Jesus has to say to enlightened postmoderns, skeptics demanding apologetic proofs, and the paranormally fascinated. A soul-refreshing, gospel-drenched read."?
- Jon Bloom, President, Desiring God; author, Not by Sight and Things Not Seen

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