9781433533426-Rhythms of Grace: How the Church's Worship Tells the Story of the Gospel-Cosper, Mike

Rhythms of Grace: How the Church's Worship Tells the Story of the Gospel

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Cosper, Mike | Crossway


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Is it singing? A church service? All of life? Helping Christians to think more theologically about the nature of true worship, Rhythms of Grace shows how the gospel is all about worship and worship is all about the gospel. Mike Cosper ultimately answers the question: What is worship?

"I have read and heard preached a ton on the reality that 'all of life is worship.' It is and I wouldn't want to argue that point, but what about when the covenant people of God gather together? Are there not some ways God desires us to worship corporately that can differ from how we worship in 'all of life'? Mike has served the church well with Rhythms of Grace. I was both convicted and compelled as I read it."?
- Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church; President, Acts 29 Church Planting Network; Author, The Explicit Gospel

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