9781433528170-Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith-Oliphint, K Scott

Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith

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Oliphint, K Scott | Crossway


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Defending the faith can be daunting, and a well-reasoned and biblically grounded apologetic is essential for the challenge. Following in the footsteps of ground-breaking apologist Cornelius Van Til, Scott Oliphint presents us with an introduction to Reformed apologetics as he sets forth the principles behind a distinctly 'covenantal' approach.

This book clearly explains the theological foundations of covenantal apologetics and illustrates its application in real-world conversations with unbelievers - helping Christians to boldly, knowledgeably and winsomely proclaim the gospel.

"In a day marked by shallow thinking, weak reasoning, and arguments lacking in both theological and biblical depth, Oliphint offers an arsenal of apologetic insight. His affirmation and exposition of a covenantal apologetic brings a vital biblical and theological dimension to the apologetic task."?
- R. Albert Mohler Jr., President and Joseph Emerson Brown Professor of Christian Theology, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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